The club involves:

– Themed meetings for people who had a stroke;

– Sharing emotional community with other people, who has the similar life experience;

– Communication in the atmosphere of attention to each other and aspiration to understand others;

– Possibility of revaluation of priorities in life and discovery of its  new meanings;

– Finding the joy in communication and creative work;

– Opportunity to share one’s experience in overcoming the difficulties and adaptation to life routine;

– Getting the support and decreasing of anxiety, tension;

– Opportunity to understand yourself better and to find new strengths, your own place in life;

– The possibility of improving the speech development during real life communication;

– Opportunity for team work and getting joy from cooperation;

– Finding out the new opportunities in illness restrictions;

– Ability to feel and estimate one’s rehabilitation dynamics.


Forms of work in the club:

– Group discussions and sharing opinions;

– Developing practical work involving creativity elements;

– Discussion of various subjects in couples;

– Special game exercises, which develop general movement coordination and body’s sensitivity;

– Finger-type gymnastics;

– Exercises with elements of singing, dancing, rhythmic movement.

Group classes are run by volunteers from the “Vigor” Society once every two weeks.

Helpful outcome of club meetings, pointed out by participants:

– Friendly atmosphere of communication.

– Getting joy and fun from mutual dancing, singing, working on creative tasks.

– Feeling of empathy, understanding and support.

– Having intellectual tasks. Brain, as well as muscles, does need regular training.

– Getting joy from your own progress and your little victories.

– Possibility to have interaction in couples, to share your thoughts and emotional experiences.

– Having fun, jokes, laughter.

– Feeling of a festival, holiday.

– One can find something interesting and useful in every single subject.