On the 4th of September 2006, the ‘’Vigor’’ society of psychological support for stoke survivors and their families obtained the status of the public benefit organization.

(Resolution No. 168 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia).

Society is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, established to achieve the goal,

stated in the statute.

The public benefit organization’s status helps to get tax benefit for those individuals and organizations, which give financial donations.


Tax Benefits


According to Law «On Personal Income Tax», amounts, donated by individuals to the registered in the Republic of Latvia , societies, institutions ,religious organizations, which have status of public benefit organization under the Law ’’On Public Benefit Organizations’’, are eligible to the  deduction from the annual taxable income amount prior to income taxation. However donations cannot exceed 20% of the taxable income.

According to the Law ‘‘On Enterprise Income Tax’’, amounts, donated by companies to budget institutions and  societies, institutions, religious organizations registered in the Republic of Latvia, which have status of public benefit organization under the Law ‘’On Public Benefit Organization’’, are eligible to income tax benefit. Income tax for legal entities is reduced by 75% of the donation amount, but the total benefit amount cannot exceed 20% of the total tax.


Donor’s rights


Every donor is entitled to:

to obtain the information on the mission, goals and tasks of the donatory organization,

to find out the level of organization’s ability to use these donations efficiently,
to be sure that their donations will be used only for the purposes, they were meant for,

to get the information on the organization board personnel,
to expect close monitoring of the donations’ use by that personnel,
to get acquainted with financial statements and reports on the organization’s activity,

to get publicly expressed appreciation,
to be assured that the donation will be treated with respect, that confidentiality will be observed according with the law,
to expect that the dealings with the representatives of the donator organization will be professional and honest,

to be able to ask questions and get immediate trustworthy, frank answers.


You can donate money for

purchase of stationary and equipment, essential for developing and correctional activities,
purchase of equipment (computer, tape recorder, voice recorder, etc.) for ‘’Vigor’’ organization of for the particular person,
premises to be equipped,
medical items ‘purchase and payment for treatments for stroke survivors,
gifts for strokes survivors in need,
organizing cultural events for stroke survivors and their relatives.


Bank account for Donations

Registration number 40008102195
“Swedbank” JSC
LV54 HABA 0551015158108




Marina Kuznetcova, Chair of ‘’Vigor’’ public organization.

Mob. phone +371 2 6534543


Karina Borodulina, coordinator of the psychological rehabilitation programme on the basis of “Vigor” public organization.

Mob. phone +371 2 6403489