What is the joint gymnastics for people, who had a stroke?


• Joint gymnastics is a special set of recovery exercises, which helps to start the process to control your body movements during early stage of rehabilitation.
• Without a doubt this method is helpful at any stage of rehabilitation process after having a stroke.

  Why the joint gymnastics is so helpful?

• Joint exercises develop and strengthen the joints, making them mobile and flexible.
• Gymnastics gives your muscles necessary daily  impact, strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, which gives  you the confidence while  walking and it provides even load impact distribution.

The benefit of such an exercise is:

  • The stimulation of brain function.
  • The improvement of central nervous system functional condition and functional condition of cardiovascular system and brain blood circulation.
  • The personal life tone enhances, the general mood improves, cheerfulness and activity raise – all that is the important factor in rehabilitation process after having a stroke.

What does the positive exercise result depend on?

The exercises’ results mostly depend on patient’s desire, attitude, persistence and perseverance.

The exercises are to carry on daily. The whole exercise set takes usually 1.5 hours at the beginning of the process, later -1 hour. When the participant has learned the complex of exercises-it usually takes 10-40 minutes to accomplish it.

The participants found the exercises useful because:

  • “My foot movement became free and controlled”
  • “My coordination movement is restored”
  • “I have started writing using my right hand”
  • “I can use and control my body”

“I believe in theory that movement means life. You can learn how to move, using minimal efforts but have maximum efficiency, knowing how your body works.”

(Leading specialist-psychologist Irina Mikhalchik)