Mass Media about Us

Tatyana Dogadayeva and Jelena Mozgova in the broadcast “Dome Square” (Latvian Radio 4), 05.2016. Оpen RU

VIGOR (documentary). Directed and edited by A.Borodulin, 01.2015. (English subtitles)

Morning News (First Baltic Channel). Interview with Karina Borodulina, 01.2013. (RU)

Programme “Uncensored” (TV5 channel), 08.11.2012. (RU)

The parade of good stars. / Newspaper “Chas” (“Час”), 09.01.2012. Оpen

Mercy has its names… / Newspaper “Chas” (“Час”), 06.12.2011. Оpen

People who are worth being written about – Marina Kuznetcova. /, 09.09.2011. Оpen

With willpower against strokes. / Pharmacist Journal, 02.2011. Оpen

Broadcast “Whatever Happens” (Latvian Radio 4 – Dome Square) 12.12.2009. (RU) Оpen RU

News “Latvian Time” (First Baltic Channel), 31.10.2008. Open RU