Marina Kuznetsova Master of Pedagogics, Chair of ‘‘Vigor’’ Public Organization, coordinator of the programme ‘’Meetings’ Kaleidoscope – The world of my interests.’’

 Natalya Ivanova Doctor of Psychology, research advisor and supervisor of the programme of post-stroke rehabilitation programme at ”Vigor” society. Head of programmes: Art Workshop “Art to Live”, “Recovery Life Stories” of Vigor members and their relatives. Tutor at the Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology (HEPI), psychologist, existential psychotherapist. Supervisor at the Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology (HEPI), Latvian Association of Professional Psychologists (LAPP), Latvian Association of School Psychologists (LASP).


 Karina Borodulina Coordinator of the programme of the psychological rehabilitation on the basis of ”Vigor” public society. Coordinator of the programme of the individual diagnostics of the ”Vigor” members’ psychological health restoration. She is in charge of the primary consultations. Doctor, school psychologist, Master of Psychology.

 Tatyana Dogadayeva Group leader for psychological support for voluntary members of the Vigor society, the person responsible for the primary interview of new members. Master of Pedagogics, Psychologist at the “Resurss” Child, Family, Personality Development Centre.

 Irina Trigubyuk www.vigor.lv website administrator, psychologist, Master of Psychology.

 Marina Kuznetsova Head of the programme ‘‘Photo Workshop: It’s a Beautiful world’’.

Inesa Nilova Head of “Bel Canto” vocal studio, psychologist at “Centre for profession and career assign”, Master of Psychology.