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Мarina Kuznecova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2003.

I utterly devote myself to the “Vigor” society .The most important aspect for me as a volunteer, is to be useful to other stroke survivors. The participation in this programme gives an opportunity to carry out an actual deed, to gain self-realization, to feel that you are important and needed.

There is a joke that in the programme I represent “a beloved manual” as well as the programme’s informant, coordinator and the “Vigor” society (which was found with the contribution from each of us) chairperson. I work in the programme from the beginning. When I am engaged in work, I sense an atmosphere of responsibility and kindness, my share of participation in happening and feel proud that: “We are pulling it off!”


Natalya Ivanova has been   the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2003.
I provide psychological consultations; deal with existential psychotherapy and supervision. I lecture at high school, love travelling and taking photos. The main thing is that I do enjoy all of it.

In volunteering, what attracts me the most is the ability to help the friend, desire and need to do something meaningful and essential with my own free will – “for nothing”, atmosphere of co-creativity with those who do care. This programme evokes in me a feeling of joy for patients, finding inner strengths, respect for their daily fortitude. It gives an opportunity to create and help as well as to feel the atmosphere of total mutual support.

In this programme I am a consultant, supervising the volunteers’ work, and, if it is necessary, I deal with teamwork management, editing published informative paperwork, and, by all means, with the organization of club and support group meetings. I have participated in this programme from the very beginning.

Friendly atmosphere and faith in everyone’s inner strength are the things in this programme I cherish the most.

Karina Borodulina has been the “Vigor” society‘s volunteer since 2004.
I am a school psychologist, teaching in the secondary and the high schools.  In volunteering, what attracts me the most is the possibility to work with adults, to observe and analyse the connection between physical and psychiatric health. Besides that, it gives me the opportunity to keep “childish approach” (natural and creative) in reference to serious “adult” work, the ability to work in a team of creative and inspired people, and the capability to learn from them.

In the programme, I mainly frame the club meetings ‘schedule, diagnose the dynamics of success in rehabilitation of psychological health. Also, in our leaflets I elucidate the problems which are connected with medicine.

I have been participating in the programme nearly from its beginning – since the summer 2004. Now I am a coordinator of the programme for stroke survivors’ psychological support.

Sometimes I feel awkwardness and confusion, while working in the programme, but more often – admiration, inspiration, satisfaction and peace.

 Natalja Agipova (Sedochenkova) has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2005.

Currently I work as a school psychologist and a coach for the method of sensorimotor correction in the “RenesanseS” Development Centre“. In my spare time, I like to travel and explore new places. I prefer outdoor activities – swimming in the sea, cycling, roller-skating, etc.

In volunteering, what attracts me the most is the opportunity to be useful as a person and as a psychologist. Also, I like an atmosphere of cooperation and warm relationship with diverse people. Furthermore, the programme gives me the prospect of the experience in running the psychological support group sessions. Here I am able to communicate with colleagues and apply my psychological knowledge.

In the programme, being a coach, I arrange the club classes of psychological support, participate in them, I coordinate sessions of sensorimotor correction for stroke survivors and take part in designing the programme’s informative leaflets for publishing

I have been in the programme since 2005. The best thing I like about the programme is that it welcomes new people – volunteers, stroke survivors, their relatives and all other people who would like to help. Here I feel happy when I see other participants, get vibes of inner warmth after friendly chat, draw inspiration and enthusiasm from new ideas.

 Irina Trigubyuk has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2004.

I have been an everlasting student all my life! What attracts me the most in working as a volunteer in our programme is certitude that this programme is crucial to stroke survivors. Also, I am delighted to have an opportunity to work with people of the certain age group which I am interested in from my professional point of view. The participation in the programme gives me a chance to get a work experience.

In the programme of psychological support for stroke survivors, my role is a co-host of “Studio of Memory” as well as a host of “Little Joys or How to Get Pleasure from Living” programmes. Besides, I have taken part in developing and conducting the research targeting the public opinion on stroke survivors’ needs and particularities.

What I like the most in this work is the team-spirit and the creative approach to solving the tasks within the team.

I have been participating in the programme since it’s very beginning (≈ March 2004).The most vivid feelings I do experience, as the participant of the programme, are joy and interest. (2007).

 Tatyana Dogadaeva has been the “Vigor” society´s volunteer since 2003.

I am a psychologist of the “Resource” centre. What attracts me most in volunteering is an opportunity to do something good and useful for people who are in need of it and for me as well. For me, the participation in our programme opens the opportunity to meet new interesting people, to grow professionally, to try myself in activities which I have never been involved in before, to develop various types of documents, scenarios, etc. That is exactly what I like the most.

I am involved in the developing the documents, forms and a bit less in working on the synopsis for club meetings. I provide the consultations for stroke survivors.

I have been working in the programme since 2003, then I had a three-year break, and I have returned to work again in 2007. The most powerful feelings which I experience as the programme’s participant are: the joy of working together that brings fruitful results, as well as pride for joint efforts and satisfaction from my own contribution.

 Vadim Levikin has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2004.

I deal with children development and family relationships. I work as a coach in physical and mental development programme, a psychologist and administrator in the “Resource” development centre for children, families and personalities. Also, I am a father and I help my daughter to become smart, beautiful and independent. My wife helps me which makes me happy. Also, I like to sleep and do nothing!

What is the main thing, which attracts me in our volunteer programme? I think it´s a fact that a present day person does a lot of useless work. We waste our energy on consumption rather than use it on production of something. Often we cannot see the result of our activity, what good does it do, for whom and in what way. But “Vigor” is the place where particular people need specific help, and it is possible to help right here and right now. It makes me happy! And it is a teamwork that can be very creative and interesting. This also helps to achieve a self-realization in the new fields.

The participation in the “Vigor” programme opens an opportunity to get personal and professional experience, as communication with the team of specialists enriches you with a new knowledge. I used to run a lot of activities in the programme of psychological support for stroke survivors. This included individual consultations, welcoming the new participants, carrying on the diagnostics. Also, I was working on my diploma paper dedicated to the problem of strokes, I was participating in setting up and running the club meetings, I was dealing with sensomotor correction and have been taking part in various events.

Now, when my lifestyle has changed and the more important things are coming first-I put the rooms in my centre at disposal for different events and I participate myself in the programme of sensomotor correction.

I have always liked the team spirit of “Vigor”, mutual help, creative ideas, professional approach, and often – adventurism and pranks.

It is difficult for me to remember how long have I been working in the programme and when has it all started…but I can say without any doubts that there were a few pauses because of my trips abroad. It seems it all has started in the 2002.

The most powerful feelings, I have, as a programme participant must be duty and responsibility! Also, it is a sense of joy, being a part of the team and good cause!

 Alla Lapshevskaya has been the “Vigor” society´s volunteer since 2009.

I am a school psychologist.

What attracts me the most in volunteer work is the opportunity to be involved in getting stroke survivors back to an active life, to get to feel through their destinies and their spirit, to touch the sensation of their search within themselves for source of inner power. I feel excited looking for ways I could help stroke survivors and seeing my contribution into their recovery, even if it’s tiny. I love the atmosphere of co-creativity and cooperation, sharing the feelings, ideas, senses, opinions, discoveries, findings.

The psychological support programme for stroke survivors gives me the opportunity for personal and professional growth. It is the fifth year I have been running the Speech Workshop since 2009. I try to make it possible for stroke survivors to regain their speech, to improve their physical health and to find their inner personal strength and resources.

What I like about my job is the feeling of cooperative work, useful for me and others, small steps of positive changes (if there are any), overcoming the difficulties (I fight mine ones, they fight theirs).

The most powerful feelings that I experience as a programme participant are the “throes of composition” when I think through my approaching lectures, responsibility, inspiration (especially while running the classes), satisfaction (from what I have achieved, right after we have finished), dissatisfaction (when I analyse the overall class’s result).

 Inese Hoperska has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2010.

I am a housewife. For me, the most important thing in the voluntary work within our programme is to be useful and to have an opportunity to communicate.

I have been in the psychological support programme for stroke survivors since the autumn 2010, and since then I have been doing everything I can for the club. It is great that I have a real opportunity to help people. I feel happy when I see that programme’s participants do make a progress.

 Elena Mozgova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2011.

At present I don’t work for already several years. I don’t wake up every workday in the early morning, don’t run being late for transport. I don’t worry that if I be late, something irreparable will happen. No. My life became more restful and balanced. I became so “philosophically” concerned about life not so long ago. I have suffered encephalitic meningitis in a severe form in 2009 (10 days in intensive care). Currently I am doing the housework and I get from this activity a lot of pleasure.

The first thing that attracts me in the volunteer work in our program is free attendance without any forcing. The second one is respectful attitude towards each member, i.e. volunteer and stroke survivor.

Probably the main thing that surprised and amazed me is the organization of the work of voluntary team – as during the two hours of “brainstorming” the team creates a lot of interesting intellectual and creative tasks. It is a good exercise for mental training (brain activity). It is very necessary for me, especially after the illness.

Which opportunities does the participation in our programme open for me? I didn’t think much about this question. I am interested in creation and realization of intellectual tasks, physical exercises and etc. with my team. Perhaps it gives me an opportunity to take mind off home.

I attend the meetings with a big pleasure and sense of responsibility. I really like working in pairs. I listen to a stroke survivor with a great attention. What is interesting: not a single stroke survivor complained about the position he/she found his/herself. Their love of life is simply amazing.

At first it seemed to me that I should support them with an advice, a kind word. But it is almost not necessary. They will support and cheer you up by themselves. And it’s great.

It seemed to me that it is impossible to recover after a stroke, that stroke is a very terrible disease. My mother has suffered a stroke in 2003. Three days in intensive care and she has been taken from us. Coming to “Vigor” society I understood that it is not as scary as it seemed to be. Stroke survivors live, rejoice, feel sad and worry as well as the others do. Life does not end here.

I’ve been participating in the programme since 2011. I’ve became much more confident now. The vague feeling of fear gradually is leaving me. I’m stopping being afraid of myself and others. And that is what I like.

 Vera Hurumova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2014.

I have joined the course with my son in 2013 and, since January 2014, I am an official volunteer. Currently I’m retired. I help my son, who is the 2nd disability group person, to cope with everyday life’s difficulties. I attend the lectures on Oriental medicine and try to apply the knowledge, gained, on practice.

I would like to be useful to programme’s participants, who do require assistance. By helping others I help myself: my self-appraisal does go up, I try to attain self-improvement and extra knowledge. I try to talk to the programme’s participants, to inform them of recent updates on keeping healthy, assist in running the “Kaleidoscope”, take part in managing the Club meetings, attend the Speech and Art workshops helping as far as possible.

I am really fond of our team of volunteers. They all are nice and compassionate, sympathetic and decent people. They help not only the stroke survivors’ programme’s participants, but also the volunteers, especially the beginners. And I would love to resemble them, and to be a part of them. As a programme’s participant I am overwhelmed with feelings of satisfaction, joy, pride and delight, when I see changes for better in the programme’s participants. Maybe there is my small contribution in it (2015).

 Marina Kuznecova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2014.

I am a housewife. It is my third year in “Vigor”. First I came out of curiosity: I wanted to see and find out how I can help the stroke survivors. As time went I have drifted in and now “Vigor” became my second home. I love being involved into club’s meetings’ planning, and running them. I would like to help, to support the people, who are struggling with stroke aftereffects. They are fighters! Despite of all the difficulties, on the question: “Do you need help?” they always answer – “I can do it by myself!” And it pleases. And I am always glad to see the positive changes in program’s participants.

I think each of us needs to fill our soul with true beauty. That’s what I’m trying to achieve by using photography art. Since September 2014, I run the photo gallery titled “What a Wonderful World (2015).

 Elena Suhova has been the “Vigorsociety’s volunteer since 2014.

I have a diploma of an engineer, but I have been working in other spheres for a while. I have a working experience in sales, transport maintenance, training workshops’ organization, and providing the patent services.

At the moment I spend most of my time teaching the Russian language. I give lessons to foreigners. I consider that to be my priority and I’m developing in this direction. Moreover I work in the European social projects as a translator. I have been participating in the programme since autumn 2014.

What attracts me the most is the harmony between the voluntary work and outer space laws. In my opinion giving the others what you have is right and necessary. In this case we share our energy and our health with people who lack it. This weal gets multiplied and everyone becomes a winner.

Besides the fact that I fill up with positive energy, there are even more specific opportunities. I am talking about self-development, overcoming the life hurdles, new experience which for sure will come handy, self-discipline. More specifically –that is- new interesting contacts, closer communication with people who have special needs, skills of working with a group (I have not had such an experience before), art and many more others things.

In the programme of psychological support for stroke survivors, I have got involved into the club’s meetings’ planning, and running them. The club represents the meeting of stroke survivors and volunteers, for work and fun. During this meeting different forms of various trainings are taking place (intellectual, physical, artistic etc.); they all are dedicated to the same theme. Basically I’m running the intellectual classes. It requires of me preliminary preparation, training, thinking on and working out the tasks. During the interval between the clubs’ meetings, I and our volunteers’’ team participate in discussions and planning of the next meetings. In general I help as much as I can, I support any activity of our volunteers’’ team.

It’s difficult to say, what do I like the most. I like positive attitude and organization in general, it is clear and effective. I always feel myself useful and respected, it is essential for everyone. I love the feeling of my strength and ability to help.

Usually I feel great sympathy towards the programme’s participants and joy from the fact that there is good in the world and it has its power. I feel sorry for disabled people, but I’m trying not to give way to pity too much and take everything with practical approach, as it has to be (2015).

 Valentina Nichugovska has been the “Vigor” society´s volunteer since 2013.

In everyday life I am a “natural artist”, I am in charge of financial accounting. I have a bit of spare time … and I dedicate it to helping the “Vigor” society!

What attract me the most in the volunteers’ work is to be useful to programme’s participants, who require assistance, to see the smile of gratitude, when you work wonders and when the goal is accomplished! The participation in the “Vigor” programme has drastically changed my life: I started looking at my problems through the prism of “Vigor” participants, 80% of my problems have disappeared immediately or have been moved to the background. The truth is – everything can be learned in comparison.

In the programme of psychological support for poststroke survivors, we have true professionals engaged. I take part in planning and running the club’s meetings, as well as in a Kaleidoscope meetings’ “The World of My Interests. The actors playing episodical parts do say: “My performance in front of the public is just one sentence lasting only a minute, but I think it is not too bad!” I also use my professional specialization and provide consultations to the programme’s participants and volunteers helping with any financial issues.

The psychological support programme for poststroke survivors gives me the opportunity to do something good, which I enjoy and I feel that life is not too bad. It’s such a joy that you can help and you do help indeed!!!

I have joined the “Vigor” by good fortune (but now I understand it has not been an accident) in June 2013. And now I can’t imagine myself being without this wonderful volunteers’ team and programme’s participants, which is called “VIGOR”!

Most memorable feeling comes from the fact that I am able to help someone, to change something in this world!!! (2015)

 Inesa Nilova has been the “Vigor” society´s volunteer since 2015.

I work as psychologist for children with hyperactive syndrome and their parents in the “Centre for profession and career assign”. Currently I am studying towards my Master’s degree in Riga Gestalt Institute.

My hobbies are scuba diving, skiing, taking part in filming, vocal lessons. “Interest” (inter esse) from Latin means “to be inside”. Being involved into processes is my motto in life.

What attract me in the volunteers’ work is communication with the new members, the opportunity to share my skills, to be useful to other people, and the possibility for professional growth and new experience. I believe in programme participants’ ability, but the new path is not always easy, so, to give them the support is very important.

I am happy when they open up something new for themselves. I admire the diligence and creativity of their team.

I have been participating in “Vigor” programme since 2015. I run the “Bel Canto” vocal studio. I think singing in our workshop gives an opportunity to gain the self-confidence, and look at you with new eyes. Most memorable feelings for me are the rehearsals, hurdles, overcoming the difficulties, excitement, achievements, and the New Year’s concert, our unity!! It seemed that at the concert, not only the voices, but also all hearts were singing together, and I am very pleased that mine was amongst the others. (2016)

 Natalia Pribyleva has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2015.

I am a student of BIA Psychology Programme and Gestalt Institute and I also work in an advertising agency.

The main thing which attracts me in our volunteer programme is communicating with people: programme’s participants, volunteers and, in particular, with psychologists. By participating in various workshops, I discover new interests and opportunities and reveal my creative potential.

Helping in the “Bel Canto” vocal studio, attending programme’s participants’ club meetings in the “Art of Living” art workshop are all separate short-term projects within society.

First of all, I really like the professional approach to the volunteers work and professionally developed programmes for stroke survivors.

A special place where I can not only talk about the difficulties that I face at work, but also share happiness, get support from the whole team, be happy for each participant and feel my involvement in the realization of a good cause – it is a support group for volunteers. The atmosphere in the group creates a positive attitude that motivates the participants not only to work in a team but also to bring this attitude to their daily lives.

I feel the joy and satisfaction of being needed by people. (2016)

   Rita Balabanova had been the „Vigor” Society’s volunteer from 2003 till 2011 and from 2016.

I work in a private firm in the accounts department. I practice non-conventional yoga. I read, whenever possible I travel, I communicate.

It seems to me, most of all in volunteer work in our programme, I am attracted by an opportunity to give warmth, knowledge, time, strength, other resources; an opportunity to help and at last, an opportunity to be in the circle of adherents.

Participation in our programme allows me in some small way to restore and support knowledge and psychology skills and to realize the need to help, to be necessary. It is my self-realization.

At the moment, I participate in the work of the team on the scheduling of another club meeting. I carry out the plans made at a team meeting. I find, format and send quotes, proverbs and sayings to club meetings.

Most of all, I like people, novelty and “brainstorming” with the team.

In Vigor, I have been participating since 2003 with breaks now and then. And the most important experiences for me in Vigor are the feeling of participation, joy and interest. (2016).


 Irina Mikhalchik has been the “Vigor” Society´s volunteer from 2006 till 2014 and from 2018.

I was graduated from International Higher School of Practical Psychology.

For me, the work in this programme means to serve the others: when there is an opportunity to help people to get over difficulties which have been caused by the disease.

I have dealt with all the things which the programme does require. I loved to be involved in the programme of sensomotor correction.

Actually I have been in the programme for stroke survivors’ support since October 2006.

I have had the most overwhelming feelings when I saw the programme’s participants’ happy eyes and how they have changed into better.



  Neonila Brusova was a volunteer with the “Vigor” Society

in 2006/2007, 2009/2010 and from 2017 till 2019.

In 2010 I defended the Master’s thesis on the subject “Specifics of Time Perspective of People Who Had a Stroke”. Members of the Vigor Society participated in the research. In 2017, I returned to the programme since, having seen the trust and openness of people who had a stroke, I could not remain indifferent and wanted to be useful to them.

I participate in the Vigor’s club meetings and their preparation. Since December 2017, I have taken on the management of the dance and motivatione workshop “Joy of Movement”. Now I work in private practice as the psychologist-counsellor, I am beginning psychotherapeutic practice. I have a Master degree in psychology. I finished my training at the Institute of Existential Psychotherapy in Lithuania. I am bringing up three children.

Most of all in volunteer work, I am attracted by communication with different and interesting people, an opportunity to share knowledge and skills and obtaining life and professional experience. The principle of volunteering and participation in the programme, an opportunity to show an initiative and to feel the support of other volunteers is very important.

In working with the people who have had a stroke, there are always many positive feelings. There is the pride when the concrete result of someone’s recovery which demands many forces and patience is visible. And the feeling of respect and gratitude for openness with which participants of the programme share experiences of overcoming the crisis (life after a stroke). (2017)


 Isabella Reut had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2013 till 2015.

I used to deal with popular-science journalism in “Science and Technology” and “Alter Ego” magazines. Now, I am retired, I do everything I like. I run “Dances of Universal Peace”; I conduct seminars and private lessons dedicated to drawing the personal mandalas. I lead a relaxation meditation to the sounds of gong and Tibetan singing bowls. I supervise activities of an experimental course “The creative sound” at certain healing centre, I manage a course of discovering and developing the inner voice within you for those who wish to sing but have never thought they are able to.

What attracts me the most in volunteer’s work is the research programme aimed at sound and voice abilities in a holistic approach to personal rehabilitation of the stroke survivor, the teamwork. By participating in our rehabilitation programme one could have an opportunity to help the particular people, to develop his/hers own personality.

I supervise “Creative Sound” workshop within the programme.

 Zane Spurava had been the “Vigor” society´s volunteer from 2007 till 2016 .

I study psychology. I am a Latvian language teacher at the “Lated” company. I like making people happy and am all ears when they are talking. Also, I like to listen to birds singing.

In volunteering, what attracts me the most, is the hope that I will be able to make at least one person’s daily life brighter, even for a moment, I cannot live only for my own sake, that is not enough. Besides, I love interaction with everyone in the “Vigor” society. Working in this programme helps me to be in harmony with myself, lets me get to know people and prove my efficiency. Moreover, I get real-life experience in psychology.

In this programme I help to run the club sessions, sometimes I bring some materials for these sessions; sometimes I draw decorations or translate the materials for our website into Latvian language. The moments when we do the brainstorming for the next sessions are the most interesting ones. At the beginning, everything is unfamiliar, but then, the thoughts, shapes, colours, questions start appearing slowly.

I have been working in the programme since November 2007. The club‘s meetings give me the most powerful feelings when we are creating or drawing something. After that, it is really interesting to hear how everyone interprets their personal work.

 Alla Vinakova had been the „Vigor” society‘s volunteer from 2008 till 2011.

My life is about working, educating myself and bringing up my son. I like to dance, I go swimming. I hope that the people we help do enjoy communication with us. I think, for me, that participation in this program opens the opportunity to disclose something in myself, which I was not aware of before.

I am engaged in the preparation and holding club meetings, doing finger gymnastics, translating the paperwork for our web site.

While being involved in this work , I take pleasure in seeing smiles and joy of the people, we are engaged with .I like when stroke survivors are happy to share their achievements, when ,after our meetings, their eyes light up with the spark of optimism.

I have been participating in the program since February 2008. The most vivid feeling I experience is the joy for those who little by little, each in his/hers own way, going to win and receive incentive to other new achievements.

 Tatyana Kiryakova had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2009 till 2010.

I have a diploma of psychologist. But, it happened, that I had to work in completely different areas: the service sphere, management, translation services, design etc. I am interested in medicine and spend my leisure time in active way (snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking).

What attracts me in voluntary work the most is the feeling that I am needed, the opportunity to help others. Moreover, participating in the program, I can improve my knowledge in the field of psychology, expand social circle and just to do something good from the bottom of my heart.

I’m still a beginner in this programme, so I listen attentively and watch closely to what is going on, trying at least to be able to contribute some of my ideas into different tasks.

Most of all I like the programme’s heart-warming and trustful atmosphere.

I have joined the programme in autumn 2009.

The most vivid feeling which I get while participating in the programme is a joy when you notice the other people faces show the joy as well…

 Beata Pavlova had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2005 till 2007.

I work in the University Clinical Hospital named after P. Stradinsh; I study towards my Master’s degree. In my spare time I catch up with my friends, go to the seaside, and enjoy the life.

What attracts me the most in the voluntary work is the possibility of being useful to others. I was filled with joy because there are charitable people nowadays who could spare a part of themselves to others, and I can be in the company of such people. I have been participating in the programme from December 2005 till the October 2008. I was running the finger gymnastics at the clubs’ meetings, was involved in creation of the website.

The Participation in the programme has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, to get new experience, to understand what does the stroke mean, and how to help the stroke survivors.

Most of all I liked the club’s atmosphere, all the club’s members’ dedication to the mutual problem. But the most vivid sensation of participation in the program – is an overwhelming joy.

 Ekaterina Chernova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2009.

At the moment I am bringing up my daughter, I help my parents and study psychology. I love studying. Being involved into handicrafts or sports makes me relaxed. What attracts me the most in our programme is observing and participation in creation of club meetings’ scripts, as well as direct participation in the club meetings.

In my opinion, I get the skills of group therapy while working in this programme. Later, I can go on a course dedicated to particular skills or methods of psychological support for stroke survivors.
During the club meeting I try to create a positive mood for all the participants, especially for my communication partner.
Whilst the team meeting I aim to be an example for younger volunteers. I am trying to help them when they come to me with a question on getting the target, understanding the essence and meaning of the volunteer’s work.
What I like the most in the programme of psychological support is the live communication with stout-hearted individuals. They are the stroke survivors, but instead of resigning themselves to the thought of disability-they fight it every day, every hour of their life.
I’ve been working in the programme since 6 March 2009.

My most radiant feeling is the admiration for the stroke survivors’ spirit, adoration of the immensity and diversity of the organisers’ creative thoughts. Yet, as well, there is a sheer mood of fatigue after completing the club’s chore, and the recovery takes the whole next day.

Anna Vessart had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2009 till 2010.

I have a diploma in psychology. Currently I work as a translator and a quizzes’ constructer for one popular Internet project. My hobbies are embroidery and cats.
What I like the most in the volunteering work is an opportunity to apply my knowledge in the field of psychology, to gain invaluable practical experience. Participation in the programme gives me an opportunity to develop new skills in communication with stroke survivors. This job gives an excellent opportunity to learn more from my experienced colleagues.
Currently I am participating in preparations and runningthe club meetings. Moreover, I organize visits to Cat Shows for “Vigor” members.
I do like creative approaches and different methods of work. Group lessons are always interesting. They are focused not only on rehabilitation, but also on the joy and pleasure, on the developments of the taste of life. I admire the courage and willpower of our members. I like to see live sincere emotions and to observe the progress of the program participants.
I have joined the programme in March 2009.
I am proud of my work because it is beneficial and of great importance to the people I work with.

 Galina Manyuk had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2007 till 2009.

After my graduation from higher school of psychology I started working as a school psychologist. I like to work with children and their parents.
What attracts me the most in the volunteering work is that I can help people in need. Moreover, I have an opportunity to interact with other volunteers, who seem to be very interesting and passionate people.
For me, the participation in this programme opens the great opportunities to show my human sympathy to the misfortunes of others, to master my new profession – being a psychologist. I am getting involved in the preparation and running the club meetings. I also run the workshop classes for the speech development.
I am so happy to see that I can help the person in his/hers difficult times.
I have joined the programme in the autumn 2007. My most radiant feelings come from the times when I look at really sick people who still do smile and enjoy every moment of their life forgetting about their illnesses and misfortunes, at least now.

 Julia Zubkova had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2005 till 2008.

I had graduated from the International Higher School of Practical Psychology. Now I work as a school psychologist and study towards my Master’s degree.
What attracted me the most in the volunteer’s work was an opportunity to help the others, to gain experience from the communication with stroke survivors, with psychologists and other programme’s participants. I guess that this programme had given me (the novice psychologist), the opportunity understand the depths of human nature, his/her feelings and their values in life.
Within this programme I had been organizing and running the club meetings. I was in charge of the sensomotor correction’s programme and handled these classes. I was working on the layout of the website and had administered it as well.
The best thing I have liked about the programme was that everyone was kind, sympathetic, responsive, and at the same time purposeful and persistent, ready to work and help anytime.
I had been participating in the programme from October 2005 till December 2008. The most memorable feelings I had during this programme were pride on the results, enthusiasm and joy for the stroke survivors.

Natalia Konon had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2005 till 2006.

In my life, I get busy with cognition of myself and exploring the world, doing the good deeds. Currently I’m on a child care leave.
What I like the most in the volunteering work is the desire to help people in need and gratitude in their eyes. For me this is an opportunity to meet new people, to gain professional experience.
In this programme I had been preparing the club meetings and used to run the sensomotor correction’s classes.
The most striking thing in this job was to see that people do really need this – positive emotions.
I have joined the programme in October 2005. As a participant, I feel being useful, am happy for myself and for others.

 Inna Novikova has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2005 till 2007.

I work as a commercial director in a private company (zoology/pets business). Recently I have started to work as a psychologist, and I keep studying to get my Master’s degree. I am bringing up my three children: my daughter is 15 years old, sons are 7 and 8 years old.

What attracted me the most in volunteering was social benefit from this work and wonderful, interesting people in the team. Moreover, this work had been giving me an opportunity to get work experience, to meet and communicate with interesting people.

I was involved in preparing and running the club’s activities as well as providing psychological consultations for stroke survivors. Most of all I liked the fact that the people, for whom the programme was created, started smiling, that this programme is useful and brings them joy.

I had been working in the programme from December 2005 to May 2007. I felt a sense of belonging to hard and remarkable destinies of the people with whom we were working, thinking together and learning to look into the future with joy and optimism.

 Dayna Shmite had been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer from 2006 to 2009.

I’m studying towards my Master’s degree in International Higher School of Practical Psychology.

I really like warm-hearted atmosphere in the volunteer work. It’s important for me that it is a team work. I really like atmosphere of family in the club.

I like that people trust each other both in the club and in the team. Feeling that someone does need my work is especially important for me. Here I have an opportunity to get the unique experience of team work, where everyone works for the same goal – to support stroke survivors. Moreover, I can get to know these people and their lives much better.

I participate in building up the clubs’ programmes, take part in its activities. I run the individual consultations for stroke survivors. I create the stage sets and try to be helpful where I can.

I have been working in the programme since January 2006. During the club’s meetings I often feel touched and vulnerable. I get a lot of support, strength and wisdom from stroke survivors.

 Alina Bliznyuk has been the “Vigor” society’s volunteer since 2009.

Currently I am a first year student. I prefer to spend my leisure time with my friends going for a walk or crashing at home in a good company. Most of all, I feel happy that I’m doing something good which brings benefits to others. Every time I leave the club meetings, I understand how many pleasant emotions we bring to the people. I love feeling these emotions, which sometimes you cannot get during the term week.

I have never question myself what the participation in programme will give me. I certainly believe that what goes around that comes around; I just love doing what I can to help.

I have joined the programme recently so at the moment I give a hand to more experienced volunteers in preparations for the club meetings. Sometimes I can work as a photographer, taking photos of the interesting moments, get some of diplomas to the final stage.

Of course most of all I like the club meetings. Especially I like the moments when we have to discuss something in small groups, when we have the opportunity to learn something interesting, fascinating about the other people. I also like creative activities. I have always loved it since childhood, so it is a pleasure for me to do it in the club.

I have joined the programme approximately in May 2009. Nowadays I don’t take a very active part in the programme because of my studies. I do visit our webpage on the Internet and I have just looked at the “gallery” few days ago. The most vivid sensation I have felt was a sense of pride for all stroke survivors. The club’s aspiration, diligence, responsiveness, kindness could never be too highly appreciated.