Vocal Workshop “BEL CANTO” (beautiful singing)
Song came before language.
Federico Garcia Lorca


Nature endowed people with an amazing capability to express their emotions and thoughts using sounds. Singing is the best manifestation of the miraculous quality of the voice to transmit emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Vocal therapy is a healing method by singing. The process of singing involves the entire organism. When a person is singing, only 20% of the sound is sent out and 80% is sent into our body making our organs work more intensively causing them to resonate. Voice is a live energy flow that turns on mechanisms of self-healing, self-development and self-control.


What does vocal therapy help with?

  • Mood improvements and the general emotional state of a person change (oxytocin and endorphins are produced during active singing. Endorphins are hormones that cause a sense of happiness and pleasure, and oxytocin is a hormone which reduces the level of stress and anxiety, and also raises the level of trust and eliminates the feeling of loneliness).
  • The emotional stability and mental capacity of a person increases.
  • Diction and colloquial speech are improved, lost connections between brain hemispheres are restored and therefore speech becomes more melodic.
  • Blood circulation, complexion and posture improve.
  • Singing songs with meaning in the text helps develop memory, attention and general organization (in conjunction with the method of repetition of music and text).
  • Group singing develops the ability to hear another person and to be in consonance (to sing in unison).
  • Flexibility and generosity develop.
  • The aesthetic sense develops.

 What do we do during the workshop?

  • We do exercises to relax the muscles of the torso, shoulders, neck and head.
  • We do breathing exercises to strengthen the respiratory tract
  • We develop mimic and masticatory muscles to regain the ability to pronounce the sounds clearly.
  • We learn to control our voice, which allows us to get rid of internal tension, to express ourselves and to have a beneficial effect on the entire body at the same time.

The songs are selected according to the group’s preferences.

We believe that in the beautiful world of music, each person discovers new facets in himself or herself and introduces his or her creativity into the song. When a person opens up to people in a song, he or she gets the others in a good mood.”

Leading psychologist and gestalt therapist Inesa Nilova.

Group lessons are held twice a month. You are welcome!