Our psychological rehabilitation programme for people, who had a stroke represents a complex structure. Therefore, by all means, each patient participates in club’s meetings and takes part in “Kaleidoscope” programme. The club meetings involve speech and motor skills development, inner strengths’ discovery, and finding resources to communicate and create. “Kaleidoscope” programme helps people, who had a stroke, to share adaptation experience.

The rest of the programmes are offered at individual choice, taking into account the volunteer’s team’s abilities.

We will appreciate anyone’s help and we will consider any offer of cooperation from those who care.

In the section below you can find the details and routine of each programme.


Club for people who had a stroke

 Club meetings take place twice a month from 4.30 pm till 6.30 pm

Kaleidoscope meetings “My interests’ world”

 Programmes events take place twice a month

Intensive body practice of mental capacity development –
sensomotor correction

Individual training takes place once a week with trainer, personal unassisted training is essential daily

Correctional-developing programme ”Health Workshop: Joints’ Gymnastics”

Exercises take place once a week

Speech workshop “We restore the speech together”

Workshop takes place twice a month

Art Workshop “Art of life”

Workshop takes place twice a month

  Cognitive workshop ”Resource”- corrective and developing programme

 Workshop takes place twice a month

Movement and dance workshop “Joy of Movement”

Workshop takes place twice a month

Creative sound workshop

Workshop takes place twice a month

 Photo workshop “How beautiful is this world”

Workshop takes place twice a month

Vocal workshop “BEL CANTO”

Workshop takes place twice a month

Getting information supply-at seminars or in the form of booklets

Everyone who is interested, can get the booklets with information on strokes, domestic adaptation, etc. (Please contact the program’s coordinators or search
in “Library” section)

Individual diagnostics of the psychological rehabilitation dynamics including recommendations’ research and development programme Оpen

 Once a year

Individual psychological consultations Оpen

On demand (weekly)

The psychological support group for the relatives of those who had a stroke
On demand (weekly)

Psychological support group for volunteers Оpen

 Meetings take place twice a month